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Azerbaijan is a country with a surface area of ??approximately 87,000 sqm and it has a rich cultural heritage. Among the countries where Muslims are the majority, it is the first country to host performing arts such as opera and theater. There is no official religion in its Constitution. The country is a secular nationalism as political power; but the majority of people have faith in Shiism. Compared with other Eastern European and Commonwealth countries, Azerbaijan is at a high level of social and economic development and literacy.

General Descriptions

Azerbaijan as a country that accepts each other brother city with Turkey and its capital is Baku. The official language in Azerbaijan is Azerbaijani, i.e. Azerbaijani Turkish. The language is similarly to Turkish even if you do not have difficulty in understanding it has some main differences. As the currency unit, the Azerbaijan Manat is used. According to the data of 2016, the population of Azerbaijan is 9,762 million. Nearly 54% of Azerbaijan's population lives in cities, and nearly 46% live in villages. The rate of urbanization has been rather slow in recent times, cities getting immigration but not too fast, but there is a balance because population growth is higher in rural areas.

Nearly 60% of the total population is under 30 years of age.

The local time is 2 hours ahead from Turkey.




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